• Slope Facies VCR overlain by amygdaloidal Klipriviersberg Lava, West Driefontein Gold Mine

    Slope Facies VCR overlain by amygdaloidal Klipriviersberg Lava, West Driefontein Gold Mine

  • 710ct diamond from Tchikapa River, DRC

    710ct diamond from Tchikapa River, DRC

  • Bulk Sampling

    Bulk Sampling

  • Exploration drilling

    Exploration drilling

  • Resource modelling

    Resource modelling

  • SAMCODES Launch (JSE, May 2016)

    SAMCODES Launch (JSE, May 2016)



  • Sustainable mining

    Sustainable mining

  • TauTona Mine (AngloGold Ashanti)

    TauTona Mine (AngloGold Ashanti)

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Latest News

  • Message from Sifiso Siwela, SSC Chairperson 2024 – 2025

    cs CSA SifisoSiwelaThe next year is an exciting one for the SSC with all the activities planned to include imminent updates to the SAMCODES and guidelines. A lot of emphasis will be placed on training programmes, as well as marketing and promotion of the SAMCODES through more local engagements and international liaison.

    Thank you to the Immediate Past Chairperson, Andy McDonald, for his leadership over the past two years and laying a solid foundation. 

    Thank you to the SSC and the respective Code Committees for their hard work and volunteering their time. The current Committee composition can be seen here 

    We would like to welcome Joseph Mainama as the Vice Chairperson.

    Joseph Mainama | Principal Mining Engineer | Johannesburg, South Africa

    Joseph Mainama, SSC Vice Chairperson 2024 – 2025

    Joseph is a principal mining engineer and partner at SRK Consulting (South Africa) with 27 years of experience in the field. He has a strong background in operations, having worked in diamond, platinum and gold mines. Joseph specializes in mining studies across various commodities, ranging from scoping stage to feasibility level. His expertise includes mining project management, due diligence reviews, independent technical reviews, competent person's reports, feasibility studies, and mine optimization. Additionally, Joseph has conducted mining project close-out evaluations in platinum mines and ore reserve audits in chrome, copper, gold, manganese, platinum, and zinc mines.

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  • Webinar recordings

    UNFC 22092023  
    Watch the video here  
    YPC SAMCODES Banner 13092023 YPC SAMCODES Banner 13092023
    The link to the recording for this webinar will be available soon. The link to the recording for this webinar will be available soon. 

    SK1300 banner



    Following the successful “Implications of S-K 1300 regulations and disclosures for dual-listed companies on the JSE and NYSE” workshop and outcomes arising, the S-K 1300 Forum site is open to participants of the previous workshop to share material and ideas based on feedback after the first cycle of S-K 1300 reporting from the SEC. There is a Q&A and repository of all the webinar key learnings and developments. The major themes and flagged topics from the forum will inform a follow-up annual webinar and possible engagements with the SEC for the benefit of our local mining industry affected and impacted by the S-K 1300 regulations.

    This forum does not constitute legal advice, it is a collection of opinions from various professionals involved in the mining industry and the SSC does not accept responsibility for individual comments.

  • SAMREC Competence Quiz on the SAMCODES App

    SC quizComplete the monthly Quiz to test your knowledge on the SAMREC code.

    Find the Quiz on our app:
    Click for the SAMCODES App User Guide

  • COURSE: Compliance and Reporting Rules in the Minerals Industry MINN7052A

    Compliance Course 2023 banner 31052023

    The course aims to provide students with a perspective of the requirements of Reporting Codes in the minerals industry, including the South African Code for the Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves (SAMREC), the South African Mineral Asset Valuation Code (SAMVAL), the South African Code for the evaluation of Oil & Gas Reserves (SAMOG), the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Listing Rules as well as various other local and international standards that impact directly on the South African mining industry. There is also a focus on the global and local importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in Public Reporting.


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    SAMREC competence quiz 06092022SAMCODES have an App that allows one to access and search the SAMREC, SAMVAL and SAMOG codes, the JSE Section 12 Listing Rules as well as SAMESG and the Diamond/Precious Stones Reporting Guidelines. It is now possible to have the SAMREC, SAMVAL and SAMOG Codes in your pocket so that it can be available at any time and you don’t have to search through a PDF to find the detail you need. Download it from your preferred App Store Now.



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Reporting Standards

Public Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves and SAMCODES STANDARDS COMMITTEE (SSC)
Friday, 29 January 2016 10:14

Attracting finance for exploration and mining ventures is a critical part of the resource business environment today, and there are a number of finance options available, including accessing private equity. With the increase in the number of non-listed (private) companies and individuals seeking to obtain financial assistance, it is important to appreciate that issues of public reporting are not confined to listed companies only. Under all circumstances, if Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and/or Mineral Reserves are reported publically (as defined in the SAMREC Code of 2016), and if said report is claimed to have been compiled in accordance with any of the SAMREC, SAMVAL or SAMOG Codes, then the report and the author are subject to the minimum standards and requirements of the relevant Code as well as the complaints procedure of the SAMCODES Standards Committee (SSC).

What is a Public Report

SAMREC Code Clause 3:


Public Reports are reports prepared for the purpose of informing investors or potential investors and their advisers on Exploration Results, Mineral Resources or Mineral Reserves. They include, but are not limited to, annual and quarterly company reports, press releases, information memoranda, technical papers, website postings and public presentations.

These Public Reports may be in printed or electronic media (including social media) and will include JSE circulars, reports as required by the Companies Act and reports for other regulatory authorities or as required by law.

Public Reporting refers to any documentation which may find its way into the public domain. It refers not only to reporting or documentation by companies listed on a Securities Exchange, but also includes documents compiled by/for private companies or individuals.

While every effort has been made within the Code to cover most situations likely to be encountered in Public Reporting, there may be occasions when doubt exists as to the appropriate form of disclosure. On such occasions, users of the Code and those compiling reports to comply with the Code should be guided by its intent, which is to provide a minimum standard for Public Reporting and the guidelines of materiality, transparency and competence, and to ensure that such reporting contains all information which stakeholders, interested parties, investors and their professional advisers would reasonably require, and reasonably expect to find in the report, for the purpose of making of a reasoned and balanced judgment regarding the Exploration Results, Mineral Resources or Mineral Reserves being reported.