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We are actively seeking industry sponsorship to continue and extend the work of SAMCODES. SAMCODES is a not-for-profit organisation established to develop, maintain, administer, ensure compliance with and promote the South African Mineral Codes, collectively known as the SAMCODES. All members of the various SAMCODES committees are experienced professional geologists and engineers and serve as volunteers; however, both fixed and variable expenses occur in the promotion of the codes, international alignment and secretarial services.

A significant portion of the SAMCODES Standards Committee’s (SSC) annual budget goes on membership on relevant international bodies and sending representatives to annual meetings of CRIRSCO. Attending these meetings is fundamental to the SAMCODES in ensuring alignment with the latest development in international reporting codes and procedures. Furthermore, such involvement in the international community helps us promote reciprocal RPO (Recognised Professional Organisations) status for South African Geoscientists and Engineers who compile Public Reports for other jurisdictions.

The second biggest expense is the provision of training events and training manuals, all of which contribute to the provision of Continuing Professional Development. Once again, all presenters, who are experienced Competent Persons/Valuators in their own right, do so at their own cost. Currently, annual introductory and advanced SAMREC and SAMVAL workshops have been held in Johannesburg, and the SSC would like to extend the provision of such services outside of Gauteng where transport and accommodation costs will be incurred and also provide annual training for SAMOG and SAMESG applications.

For a number of years, one of the goals of the SSC has been to produce an audio-visual programme that can be made available to universities around South Africa that have geology and/or mining engineering departments. The objective would be to provide a series of high-quality videos as an introduction to the SAMCODES that can be used by departments where sufficiently qualified lecturers are not available. This AV programme is to be made available free to any educational institution and should also be free-to-download from the SAMCODES website).

The two patrons of the SAMCODES, the SAIMM and GSSA, have been supporting the SSC since the establishment of the SAMREC Working Group in 1992. Since that time, they have invested close to R1M. Currently, basic running expenses and membership of CRIRSCO are covered by the patrons to the tune of some R150,000 per annum. However, in order to improve services to our members and extend our activities in the valuation (IMVAL), ESG and petroleum sectors within the borders of South Africa, elsewhere in Africa and internationally, we are inviting once-off and longer-term corporate sponsorships. Our goal is to raise an additional R250,000 per annum to subsidise the costs of additional local meetings, to extend training activities to include remote access, to sponsor students or unemployed graduates who could otherwise not afford to attend SAMCODES workshops, to supply high-quality audio-visual material to universities/technical colleges and to increase our international exposure.

Sponsors will be recognised through logos and hyperlinks on the SAMCODES web site (on this dedicated “SPONSORSHIP” page) and in publications such as training manuals, presentations, videos and other teaching and promotional materials. Sponsors will also be invited to provide banners and other advertising material at all SAMCODES events. They will, furthermore, be entitled to discounted rates for training of their professional staff, including free entry at selected courses. Because SAMREC is a CRIRSCO-aligned standard, all such training is fully compatible with JORC, PERC and CIM (except for local regulatory references in those codes) and, therefore, will be relevant to all.

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